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All Alix James novellas are sweet and clean. Unless otherwise noted, they are all Regency era stories of 20,000 words. Get your smile on!

What if… the person who caught you in your most embarrassing moment is also the one your heart was meant to find?

Darcy must find a way to keep his wits about him, keep his sister’s reputation safe, and keep Elizabeth Bennet from becoming something she was never supposed to be… his intended.

Audiobook coming soon from Megan Green

When doing the right thing goes utterly wrong.

People around town are disappearing, and no one seems to know why. And who was that woman Mr. Darcy was hiding at the Meryton Inn? Elizabeth has questions, and Mr. Darcy refuses to answer them.

In the absence of good information, dark suggestions soon populate the town’s imagination. And when another young lady goes missing, will the town turn on Darcy, or will the truth come out—no matter who it exposes?

Spirited Away is a Regency novella of 35,000 words

Audiobook coming soon from Megan Green

A misunderstanding to last a lifetime. 

When Elizabeth Bennet first meets Fitzwilliam Darcy, she is not feeling quite herself.

Fitzwilliam Darcy unknowingly misjudges the condition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s health. What begins as complete disinterest soon develops into pity when an unknown surgeon offers a bleaker outlook for her future. Wishing to do something himself, he commits himself to be her champion…irrevocably.

Audiobook by Megan Green

Her life was going smoothly until love threw a wrench into it.

What began as a mechanical challenge becomes a personal test when rioters and old enemies turn the tables. Can Elizabeth and Darcy work together, or will the gears spin out of control?

Audiobook by Megan Green

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